XC Downlight & Spotlight updated.
Before Euroshop 2014 Dusseldorf, we've updated our new XC downlight and spotlight series. It’s a milestone for us to extend our idea to various application.

Advantage of choosing Xplendid LED Down Lighting:
1. Soft Light Beam
2. No shadow overlap
3. Consistency of color temperature
4. High color rendering
5. From 3.5W to 28W for different ambiance proposes

We've used Cree LED chips for whole series in order to provide pure and elegant lights with high efficiency 80-130 lm/w. Moreover, to insure life span of Xplendid LED Lighting,we've worked on thermal conductivity of our aluminum mechanism.

After three years, we're in Euroshop 2014 Dusseldorf again with so many new ideas.
See you then!
A Great Show in Interzum
Having participated 30 years, we still feel excited about Interzum. It’s always a good opportunity to communicate directly with worldwide customers and talk about possibilities of our new ideas in their market.

For instance, we have new coatings and materials for handles and castors. This time it’s all about colorful, contemporary and exquisite design. Moreover, after 6 years, Album wardrobe fittings have become more mature for distribution. With its extended applications and flexibility, we attracted a lot of attention in this show.

Besides the hardware, our Xplendid LED lighting is our new focal point. It’s specialized in cabinet application. Due to its slim, powerful & functional lighting, it is suitable for various applications, such as in kitchens, wardrobes, shops...etc.

We understand it’s not possible to achieve our goal of fittings for interior progression immediately; Rome wasn’t built in one day. As a result, we move forward step by step and believe every new idea will inspire the others.

Four Winds, established since 1978, we appreciate that there is a market position for us and would like to continue our contribution toward this industry passionately
Interzum Cologne 2013
Interzum Cologne, one of the world's most important trade fairs of furniture production and interior will soon come to the stage of 2013. The new, innovative and practical solution for the industry comes from Four Winds will be structured in the "Function & Components" area.

Innovation & functionality are the soul of Four Winds product. A user-friendly product always brings you more value than the money you spend. Now you can see how Xplendid LED lighting is used in kitchen, wardrobe, and other interior application on YouTube. It is also convenient for you to send an inquiry from our website with latest products information.

In order to provide better and prompter service to our clients, we have built 4 oversea offices / showrooms from Asia to Middle East and Europe front. Through the direct and close interaction among the user/designer/supplier, the market will be nourished with more open information and wider connection.

This time, why not look for the following:
1.Xplendid LED lighting –
The Versatile Illumination for Space and Life
2.Exquisite Handles with new finishes
3.Album wardrobe organizers
4.Adjustable workstation and accessories
5.Furniture & Cabinet fittings

Exhibition - Interzum Cologne / Koeln Messe Germany /
May 13 ~ 16, 2013 / Hall 8 - Booth No. C-055
Tokyo Lighting Fair 2013
LIGHTING FAIR 2013 is the largest exhibition of lighting products / systems and lighting design in Japan.

Featuring LED, OLED and other state-of-the-art lighting and control systems, as well as lighting design ideas for creating energy-efficient and comfortable spaces around the world, it is an extremely effective exhibition for you to grasp business chances for lighting in Japan.

Four Winds is going to present the innovative brand Xplendid LED Lighting in Tokyo, Japan. With Cree LED chips and F.W. solid structure, we are confident to take the challenge and strive to the goal of manufacturing the versatile illumination for space and life.

Contact us to make an appointment. See you in Tokyo!

Booth: LF905-3 in West 2 hall
Tokyo International Exhibition Center
March 5 to 8, 2013
Singapore Showroom Opening
Singapore showroom is now open!

It is a brand new space where the latest Xplendid LED lighting design of a comprehensive range for different corners of interior, kitchen cabinets and office furniture etc. are introduced. All lights are inserted with the newest CREE Xlamp LED of upgrade quality with high lumen output of illumination class and high efficacy 80-120lm/w. In addition, Xplendid LED Lighting has excellent functionality and manifold applications shaped in gentle lines.

Here we also display the design hardware including e-Lifter electric TV/monitor lifter and electric desk/table lifter (brand of Conset, Denmark), Album closet/wardrobe organizers and accessories (co-design of Emuca, Spain and Four Winds, Taiwan) and FW Design Hardware design castors, furniture feet, handles & knobs. All these products can be supplied in a package to accomplish the ideal concept of fittings for interior progression.

In the opening party lasting from the 8th to the 9th January, we had the great pleasure meeting with visitors from Singapore, Malaysia & Thailand. Everyone is deeply impressed by our products innovation. It was also a wonderful opportunity to exchange the information on the marketing and technology development. After the opening, many of the visitors had sent inquiries for the products and started planning to use our products in their next project or product design.

You are welcome to visit our showroom and experience the features of different new products on weekdays. To make appointment, please contact

Ms. Gwen Leau / Ms. Linda Low
No. 8 Burn Road #01-02 Trivex Singapore 369977
Tel:+65 6509 0181
Fax:+65 6509 0793